An economic system has not been stipulated by nature, but is the result of human choices. The only legitimacy of such a system is the care for a life in reasonable prosperity and well-being for all people, in respect for nature and environment. People do not live for the sake of economy, but the economy exists in behalf of people. And the choice for an economy of private profit and flat self-enrichment, based on alienation of the turnover from labour of others, ransacking our planet and the poisoning of the environment, is one of the most shameful actions in the history of people, and should be replaced as soon as possible by a human, righteous and environmentally sound economy.

Concerning this site

This site wants to be a forum for discussion on economic alternatives and how to reach them, which is to say alternatives for the free-market economy – capitalism – , in its current form also called neo-liberalism. Speaking of alternatives, we don’t have in mind alternatives in the sense of partial solutions within the framework which is allowed and tolerated by capitalism/neo-liberalism. We are convinced that such partial solutions lead to no other results than the strengthening of the economic structure of neo-liberalism and the worldwide problems connected with it. Speaking of alternatives we mean a form of global post-capitalism, which means an economic democratic structure:

  1. that can repress capitalism, and
  2. in which the production forces are strong enough to bring prosperity and well-being for everyone on this planet, now and in the future, instead of exploiting men and nature, as is necessarily the case in capitalism/neo- liberalism.

Why ?

A search for such a form of post-capitalism is necessary, because the social and ecological problems we are confronted with are mainly being caused and continuously further deepened by capitalism/neo-liberalism and because till now there are no post-capitalist alternatives available. As long as this economic system dominates the stage of the world, these problems will only become deeper and not resolved.

How ?

This website wants to offer everyone an occasion to put forward thoughts, suggestions and proposals concerning a post-capitalist economy and the way forward, in order to construct a sound alternative jointly. We propose as a starting point for this discussion to take the more or less elaborated post-capitalist alternative and the way forward, as described in two of our books.*

On the page Résumé of the books the visitor of this site obtains a summary of that alternative and the ways of achieving it. In that summary we will reproduce the most important themes and items in our books concerning the inevitable doom of capitalism/neo-liberalism and the necessity of a post-capitalist alternative. Because this alternative, especially the summary of it, is the starting point of the exchange of views on this site, the visitor who ignores this summary probably misses an opportunity to participate in a productive way.

With the page Links we refer to other websites. And the page Debate gives visitors full play to put forward (whether anonymously or not) thoughts, suggestions, questions and criticism with regard to our post-capitalist alternative and/or the reactions of others on that. It is our intention to bring together in due time those opinions and to look at their consequences for a further elaboration of a post-capitalist alternative. The page Feedback allows the visitor to acquaint himself with that elaborated alternative.

And last but not least, to visitors who are willing to contribute (for a longer time) to this website and/or who are willing to co-operate in view of the elaboration of the results of the discussion, we extend a hearty welcome. You can make known your readiness with the help on the page Contact.

Jo Versteijnen ____________________________________________________________________________ *
1. Versteijnen, J., 2004
Een economie waar iedereen bij wint
Papieren Tijger, Breda.

2. Versteijnen, J., Bram Snoek, 2007
Als het tij verloopt moet men de bakens verzetten
http://www.DEuitgeverij.nl , Den Haag.

A résumé of the books, you find here .


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